Bel-Air Norsemen

Registration Fees frozen to 2023 levels

Bel-Air Norsemen Registration is now open!.

2024 Bel-Air Midget Registration Fee is $340.00. Cash, e-transfer or credit card.

NOTE: Fees MUST be paid in full upon registration or as an alternative a minimum of $240. and a date for the final payment prior to the 2nd regular season game or confirmation that the player has applied for assistance. ABSOLUTELY NO EQUIPMENT WILL BE ALLOCATED WITHOUT THE MINIMUM PAYMENT OR ALTERNATIVE ASSISTANCE CONFIRMATION.

Players are financially responsible for fees, obtaining financial support, such as Jumpstart if necessary and for all items assigned. The assigned items MUST be returned on the date and time specified.

Player Equipment Outfitting Dates:

  • Saturday June 15 – 9:30am to 3pm
  • Monday June 17 from 7-9pm


The 2024 Midget practices start July 15 (Mon, Wed. Thurs – 7pm-9pm) and from then we will outfit players during Mon and Wed practices only.

Players MUST abide by the NCAFA Code or Conduct, be respectful to Coaches, Staff and Players and be committed to the team. Players contravening these principles will be immediately released.

NOTE – If necessary, cuts will be made by the end of August .


Head Coach
Tony Violante – 613-355-8253 (C)

Keith Lewis – 613-823-4333 (H)