Bel-Air Norsemen

BEL – AIR NORSEMEN – 2021  –  AGE 16-18

Step 1: Register with Ontario Football Alliance


  1. The OFA and NCAFA online registrations are mandatory prior to the registration with the Bel-Air Football Club

Step 2: Register with NCAFA

Step 3  – Bel-Air Registration (Fee $340.)

Total 2021 Bel-Air Midget Registration Fee is $ 340.00. CASH ONLY PLEASE.

(Printed Forms required (3) – Registration , Medical, and Code of Conduct which are available on the Bel-Air or NCAFA sites. These forms will also be available at the registrations. All players under 18 will need their parent/guardian signature to register and players not registered with NCAFA in the previous year will also need proof of age. Please print clearly.

NOTICES will be posted on social media when Practices are scheduled to begin.

NOTE: Fees MUST be paid in full upon registration or as an alternative a minimum of $240. and a date for the final payment prior to the 4th regular season game or confirmation that the player has applied for assistance. ABSOLUTELY NO EQUIPMENT WILL BE ALLOCATED WITHOUT THE MINIMUM PAYMENT OR ALTERNATIVE ASSISTANCE CONFIRMATION.

For each player $60. of the fee will be non refundable.  Any refund of the remaining fees for players who quit or are cut will be decided on a case by case basis.  Players are financially responsible for fees, obtaining financial support if necessary and for all items assigned. The assigned items MUST be returned on the date and time specified.


The 2021 Midget practices start Monday July 19, 2021 at 7:00 pm. Practices will be on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week (7:00pm – 9:00)

Players MUST abide by the NCAFA Code or Conduct, be respectful to Coaches, Staff and Players and be committed to the team. Players contravening these principles will be immediately released.

NOTE – If necessary, cuts will be made by the end of August .


Head Coach
Tony Violante – 613-355-8253 (C)

Keith Lewis – 613-823-4333 (H)