Bel-Air Lions and Football Club Volunteer instructions

Please be advised that in response to the City of Ottawa’s COVID-19 declaration, the Ottawa Police Service Background Clearance Section is continuing to only accept online Record Check submissions at this time.

In-person record check services, online record check services where an in-person visit is required or any fingerprinting service will not be accepted until the resumption of normal business operations at our 2670 Queensview Drive location. Any previously submitted online record check request which is affected by this closure will be honoured. Any request for fingerprints made to an applicant by the Ottawa Police Service will also be honoured.—Vulnerable-Sector-Check.aspx

  1. Go to website to apply for a Level 3 Volunteer Police Check: LINK (Level 3 – Vulnerable Sector Check)
  2. Read page and click on Apply Now button/link
  3. You have now been re-routed to the Ottawa Police site – you can click on the create an account or login buttons
  4. If you are logging in, enter your user name and password.
  5. If you are creating an account, read through the page of information and click agree or I do not agree buttons, then click in responses to questions and confirm
  6. Enter all information: last name, first name (given name), email, verify mail, user name, and password, verify password. Create account.
  7. Log in – you will get a page saying you have been emailed an authentication code that you have to input – check your email and input it here and click enter
  8. Copy the code from your email and paste it into box, click on enter
  9. On this page you can see your requests and what the status is, or you can click on new application
  10. You are asked to click on level 1 2 or 3 checks, click on level 3 Vulnerable Sector
  11. You will have a page that explains what Level 3 is, click on the button that says Choose Level 3
  12. You have to continue at one sitting, you cannot pause, so be prepared to complete all information. If you log out or shut down all information is lost. Once lost, you have to re-type in all information.
  13. This page outlines if you are eligible to apply for a Vulnerable Sector check – read information and click continue if all is ok
  14. This page allows you to choose how you want your results sent to you – you can choose either r mail or email. Click on which one you want and click on continue button.
  15. This page requires you to enter all of your personal information, click continue
  16. This page requires you to enter your current address and address history for the last 5 years.
  17. This page requires you to enter your contact information. Enter your phone number and confirm your email address.
  18. This page requires you to enter your reason for the request and a description of the position and details of responsibilities in regards to the children/vulnerable person(s).
  19. This page requires you to attach your volunteer letter from our Club (the letter must be a JPG or PDF file). And fill in the name of the Football Club: Bel-Air Copeland Lions and Bel-Air Norsemen Football Club, select Continue button.
  20. Provide consent to disclose information. You click on both boxes, one for releasing the Ottawa Police and one consenting all information provided is true. Select Continue button.
  21. Provide consent to action national records. You click on both boxes, one for consent to search criminal records and one for consent that your information could match someone else that has a criminal record and if so, they might require fingerprints. Select Continue button.
  22. On this page, you review all information that you have supplied, then click the continue button.
  23. Click Proceed to checkout button.
  24. Level 3 Vulnerable Sector Check Volunteer cost is $20. Click Proceed to checkout button.
  25. Account information, enter all information required and click continue button.
  26. Contact information, enter all personal details and credit card information, click continue button.
  27. On this page, review all information supplied and click that you agree to the terms and conditions, then also click to agree to the service fee change of $0.40, which makes a total of $20.40.
  28. Click on Make payment button.
  29. Payment in progress screen pops up, then another screen pops up with confirmation number and information.
  30. You will receive a City of Ottawa payment notice via email to confirm the transaction.